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Meet Annabel Uldry

Hello hello, my name is Annabel, mother at heart of a beautiful young woman of 25 years old, wonderful friends, coach, manager, project manager, original events: a nice cocktail for a full life.
I passionately defend benevolence and humor in the service of well-being and the realization of one's dreams.
Over the last few years I have had to face many challenges that have led me to what I am today, just like you.
The combination of these events, 25 years of experience as a manager and coach, people, projects in Private Banking and recently in Digital, in Switzerland, Singapore and Hong-Kong.
So much travel, new things to share, cultures and personalities to discover.
I feel rich in all this.
I like to live with my time, learn about others and reinvent myself.

A passion for the human led me to study Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Health and Life Coaching, all sprinkled with integrative, holistic and intuitive techniques.
Appeal to our senses, the roots of our actions.
At the service of one of the most beautiful parts of the human being, the one that has yet to reveal itself, the one that will be born and bring out the most beautiful versions of you, and allow you to realize yourself while respecting your rhythm and your values.
I accompany you in the following areas:
Health Coach - Health and well-being
Life Coach - Your life projects, Your ecosystem
Career - Your professional environment, Your career
You will discover it very quickly, I love cooking and nature, plants and animals. Botanical watercolor and this is my meditation to me ... painting beautiful flowers, let myself be carried by the pigment that diffuses in the water and lose myself in the details.... If you listen carefully to a flower it will tell you how to paint it.

I offer 3 type of coaching programs

My coaching programs

The Healthy - new lifestyle strategic session
The Life - ecosystem balance
The Carrier - from panic to fantastic

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